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Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Solvang

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Solvang

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1. Where is the Visitor Center? How Can I get more travel information?

Our visitor center is located at 1639 Copenhagen Drive and it is open 7-days a week from 9am-5pm. You may also call 805-688-6144 to speak with a local expert or use the hashtag #SolvangUSA on social media to learn more.

2. Why does Solvang look Danish?

Danish-American educators founded Solvang (which means “Sunny Fields” in Danish) in 1911 to keep their cultural heritage vibrant. Currently 5,300 residents continue to emphasize Danish cultural traditions, architecture, and events.

3. Where are Solvang’s best places to eat?

Local restaurants from casual diners to four diamond-rated wine-country cuisine are all located within five walkable blocks. Learn more on our dining page.

4. What is there to do in Solvang?

It depends on how long you stay in the Santa Ynez Valley! Activities for families, culture-seekers, wine aficionados, nature lovers and treasure hunters abound. Visit our Things to Do page or check out the Top 10 Must See & Do activities, plus sample itineraries on our website.

5. Are there any hotels in Solvang?

Yes, there are downtown hotels and one guest ranch resort nearby. For reservations call toll-free 1-888-262-4375 or contact hotels directly. Most hotels keep rooms available for walk-ins.

6. What is there to do after 5pm?

Some shops will stay open later year-round. Enjoy safe evening strolls, leisurely dining with friends, live music or a play. Find ongoing events like 3rd Wednesday Specials, Weekly Wednesday Farmer’s Markets, and the nearby Chumash Casino Resort offering 24/7 gaming.

7. What is there to do with kids in Solvang?

Try all the gourmet goodies on the Sweet Treats Trail. Take family photos in the Giant Red Clog or play at Sunny Fields Park castle. The HCA Skate Park offers a healthy activity for kids and there are Saturday art classes available at the Wildling plus crafts at Knit Fit. You can take a Surrey bicycle out for a spin as a group or go on a trolley tour. For a taste of nature, visit Ostrichland.

8. Where do I park? Where are Public restrooms?

Parking is FREE throughout the village and in parking lots on Alisal Road, Copenhagen, and Mission Drives. Restrooms are also free within each parking lot. There is free daytime RV parking at Veterans Memorial Hall and electric charging stations are available throughout the village.

9. Where can I find an ATM?

There are ATMs located at Rabobank, Copenhagen Liquor, Solvang Market on Mission Drive, and Red Viking Restaurant on Copenhagen Drive.

10. When does Solvang open and close?

Solvang is a fully functioning city free to enjoy year-round. Start your day early here with fresh breakfast and fresh pastries. Some restaurants open as early as 6am and most bakeries open at 7am.

11. Horse Drawn Trolley

Read article about the Trolley. A draft horses can pull up to 8,000 lbs., two draft horses working together can pull up to over 20,000 lbs. When the trolley is full of people it carries a maximum of 5,000 lbs.

To download or print this information, view the full Solvang FAQ PDF.

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